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TerminusPoint ... a User Supported 24x7 game server dedicated to playing Terminus is at www.TerminusPoint.com. The Primary Game Server is available at Sol1.TerminusPoint.com ( Our hope is to build a large enough community here that we can justify adding additional game Servers. The Primary Web Server is at www.TerminusPoint.com.

Headline News:
Headline News is available online now! Most of the News Items will be appearing there instead of here. Any news items we add here, will be added there as well from this point forward.

Delaying RESTARTING Sol1:
We're delaying restarting the Sol1 game since we can continue the old game even under the new IP. The major reason for the delay is to close the PVG purchase (ref ST under Strategy). Plenty of warning will be given prior to any restart. Place place all Positive, Negative, and Neutral comments in the Station Terminus General Forum.

We're are running Deathmstch currently at a second IP address ( In the future, that IP will be running either Deathmatch, Story, or special events.

Where are people from?
We've seen people regularly playing from:

and special mention of some brave souls from: Have we missed you? Let us know.

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