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About TerminusPoint

The Site ...

This site is focused on supporting the Terminus Game Server that is being run here. All content at this site is directly related to the specific games(s) we are running. Any additional content is provided by links to other sites covering Terminus as a whole, etc, ...

We have been extending our capabilities by providing User, Pilot, and Team registrations, with work continuing to greatly expand the Team features. We also are capturing Economy & Statistical Information on our primary game sol1.TerminusPoint.com for online viewing.

See our comments below on Funding, Ads and our ISP.

The Game Server ...

Our aim is to have "Commercial Grade" Terminus Game Servers running 24x7. Currently we have a single server running and will expand as the funding and demand grows. We are running a Dual AMD MP 1900+ Linux server with 512M of RAM and have a slower emergency backup server off-site currently being used for development. This Server runs all games and handles the dynamic web content.

We'd like to have as many people playing at the same time on a regular basis as possible. This helps make the playing experience much better by enhancing the RPG aspects of the game and permitting us to expand.

TPE ...

TPE is the TerminusPoint Edition of Terminus. It is based on the Terminus V1.81 code and has our own bug fixes & improvements. The source was mafe available under NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) to myself and I'm licensed to distribute the patches & improvements. Please don't pester them with NDA requests, we don't want them to regret their decision. VVisions is not responsible for support of TPE, as it is not their product. For support use this site, the SINN Forums, online players, and support@TerminusPoint.com via E-Mail.

We always continue to gather suggestions for improving both Terminus/TPE & TerminusPoint. Any Terminus/TPE suggestions considered for the next release of TPE. What is included is our discretion based on the needs, balance, and difficulty.

Future Plans ...

We'd like to build the community up and get a solid consistent base of donating users. The more people we have in and playing, the more fun it is for everyone.

We're here because we like Terminus and want to make the game rock. The more people we get and the more overloaded we get, we'll expand to meet the needs as long as we have enough support.

Funding ...

Funding for this site and all bandwidth we hog is provided by the users/players. The recommended donation currently is $5/month for a basic user and $10/month if you really like the Server(s). We accept PayPal Donations and other methods, see the Donations page for more details.

Donations will be tracked, but at this time we are not requiring donations from all players, just encourage to have all players make even small donations. We reserve the right to restrict some or all game access based on donations or subscriptions at any time in the future without warning. Basically, if it costs too much to keep the site running compared to the donations, we may have to change the Service.

The more people using the site and making donations the better we can make it. Please, take the time to make a donation. Any shortfall below our ISP costs come directly out of Learner's pocket and slows down the growth of TerminusPoint.

TerminusPoint also has a group at DNetc. Should we be the ones to crack the key, thats $1000 for TerminusPoint and $1000 to the person tht cracked it. As of 1/9/03 the team has about a 1 in 1,500 chance of being the ones to crack it (pretty good odds, but a long time needed with soo many keys). All it takes is running their client and registering your name to the TerminusPoint Team.

Since TuxGames.com does sell Terminus, I have registered as an affiliate and any proceeds will be directed towards TerminusPoint. They do list International shipping as an option as well! Link to TuxGames

We also are looking for Additional Sources of funding. This is to reduce direct out of pocket costs and permit better hardware support. Send any suggestions you may have to Learner.

Ads ...

Too many sites use banner ads for income. It is the policy of this site to avoid using banner ads as a source of funding. If you have something that may be worthwhile for our users we may be willing to place a link (with or without a gif) on one or more pages reserved for that (such as Links).

The links you see on every page for Terminus/VVisions is our way of helping support the game and make it easier for people to find it. They have not paid us to do that, and the images are being displayed with their permission.

ISP ...

We use Sonnek Communications as our ISP. They serve the greater Minneapolis/St. Paul MN area and give good personal service and support. If you're in the area and want the best possible PING times, use them directly (they do support DSL ). Tell them you were referred by TerminusPoint.com and ask about special offers!

Subscribers of Sonnek Communications don't need to donate as much to support us since their bandwidth usage is local to the ISP.

This site is under HEAVY construction. Please move carefully and watch out for the Construction Tugs.

Link to TuxGames - buy it here
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Link to TuxGames - buy it here
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