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TPE Downloads

TPE V0.03 Now Available for download!

TPE is the TerminusPoint Edition of Terminus. It is a bug fixed and enhanced version based on Terminus V1.81 code under license from VVisions. TPE is a product of TerminusPoint.com and available for all licensed users of Terminus.

TPE is NOT SUPPORTED BY VVisions, please to don't contact them with problems. If you have a Terminus or TPE problem, first check and see if the original Terminus will work and check the TPE FAQ. TPE is distributed AS-IS and we are not responsible for anything it may cause, etc and all other legal disclaimers. TPE may be distributed freely to Terminus users. Use by people without a valid copy of Terminus is prohibited.

Terminus is a registered trademark of Vicarious Visions, Inc. Terminus (c) 2000-2001 Vicarious Visions, Inc.

V0.03 is a minor bug fix and you do not neet to upgrade to it from V0.02 unless your are Serving or have problems with V0.02 starting.

For details of the differences and changes README and CHANGES

Installation instructions:

TPE For Linux

TPE For Windows

TPE For Mac

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Terminus Logo

Terminus (c) 2000-2001 Vicarious Visions, Inc. Terminus and Vicarious Visions are registered trademarks of Vicarious Visions, Inc. WWW.VVISIONS.COM

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